Why Book David Snow?

An accomplished high altitude leader, David has ascended rarefied air in business and across the worlds highest peaks. With applicable takeaways from high-stress situations, and as operator of adventure travel companies across the globe, he provides proper perspective with leaders through tailored presentations on real leadership and persisting through any obstacle. He invigorates audiences with realistic views on failure, success, and creating and leaning on dynamic teams to reach your summits.

Around the Corner to Across the World

How did David, a late arrival to mountain climbing, achieve the Seven Summits feat that very few mountain climbers achieve? How did he become a successful international entrepreneur when few ambitious entrepreneurs ever build a sustainable business? The answer is not talent nor intelligence nor money nor courage, but another attribute, one that has helped achieve success throughout his life: Persistence.

Persistence is why he pushed his way into the university of his choice, why he built a thriving sales practice in tough economic times, why he became a successful inter-continental entrepreneur, and why a crushing failed attempt on Everest in 2017 did not dissuade him from a second assault on Everest the next year.

From Fortune 500 companies to local communities, David has shared his experiences of business and adventures to audiences everywhere. His humor, tragedy and triumphs provide an unforgettable event.